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Sweetest-Ecstasy Reader(s)

A girl named Shui Jin (Christal), who was born on 14th Nov 1989. She is standing at a height of 1.75m. She loves to blog about her daily life with friends and family with the help of Canon Ixus 750. And of course, she loves partying, cycling and travelling. She dreams to be an Air Stewardess. She has graduated from Temasek Polytechnic with a Diploma in Financial Business Informatics

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♥ Saturday, August 15, 2009

hello! I've moved!
Relink me!

of falling in ♥ with you .
8:37 pm

♥ Friday, August 14, 2009

I feel like hitting the drums again!!!

Something to share.
Blogshop woman Jailed!
It's definitely not worth it!
$1000 for 3mths of jail.

of falling in ♥ with you .
5:06 pm

♥ Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Submit a blog post on Sakae & stand a chance to win $50 SAKAE SUSHI VOUCHER & be selected as SAKAE E-JOURNALIST!

Sakae e-journalist is entitled to SAKAECard w TOP UP of $30 per mth!
Not kidding. Join their Facebook!(:

Sakae Sushi Lover too(:

Have a cup of Hot Japanese Tea at Sakae!

In the past..

I used to make my own sushi together with Wanting and Fiora.

Self Creater Tuna Burger Sushi! None dare to eat!
So! I ate it myself lor. :(

We had another Sushi Making Session. This time round, it was with Zhenling, Meiyu and Jessandra. (: Not too bad.. But still! In the end, we decided to give up and enjoy ourselves at Sakae Sushi! Why not?

Sakae Sushi has been introducing more and more promotions for their different outlets. As such, we, being the students have an extremely worth it Student Buffet! You can eat all you want! As full as you can.(:

At such an affordable price of less than $20 only for lunch and dinner buffet!

You see! They enjoyed themselves! We were at the Sakae after suntanning at Sentosa!

Alright! It's time to share my dining experience with Sakae Sushi!(:


Firstly, SAKAE SUSHI has been enriching its rice with Vitamin E, since the beginning of its operations in 1997?

You don't know right? So I'm sharing with you all now!

It's so healthy to have Sushi at Sakae! Save your time making it at home if you are lazy!

Oh man, I feel like making Sushi now.


SAKAE SUSHI send their food for bacteria count examination on a weekly basis.

WEEKLY BASIS? You also don't know right?

They work closely with their suppliers and go on farm visits to ensure that their food sources are safe.

SAKAE SUSHI took a step forward to provide healthy food and also offers us the prevention measures against SWINE FLU. (:

That's why! You must love the GREEN FROG(:

It's smiling at you!

Do visit him at any of their outlets to CLICK CLICK him.


Yeay. And the Sushi Frog Master came into action.

Enjoy every grain of their rice.

Together with your classmates. (:

Or even after your graduation.

I just ate too much till I want to fall asleep in the restaurant.

Or even! After your class gathering!

Taken at Century Square Sakae Sushi!


Even if you are not keen into their buffets!

Chicken Toji Set!



Office Interns(:

I'm not inside because I'm the one helping to take photo(:

Pardon for the blurrness. My cam was not in a good condition.


of falling in ♥ with you .
4:00 am

I love watching MTV. hahas!
Nice and sad song.














In the end, I got the same chocolates back!!

This bearbear is so cute(:
Exchange gifts.

Okays. Bought a Piggy Bank not for coins deposit.
But for TOBLERONE to 大笨猪!


Next, my gift(:
Who knows when I opened it up!

The exact same chocolates that I've bought!
Same packaging too.

But this one very special,


Plus with the 2 big eyes and 1 red mouth.

Indeed a Self Made DIY Limited Edition Toblerone(:

Thankyou ar! 大笨猪。

Treat from 大笨猪 at

JuJu Hokkaido Hot Pot at Paradize Center.

That's the 6, or even 7 different types of sauces.
But I tried none. haha!. There's the peanut sauce at the left side of the pic.
Dunno what is it for. :X

1st Course: Starters
Semi-Boiled Golden Egg
Semi-boiled to 70% with their own special sweet sauce.

2nd Course: Side Dishes
Okay! It's my soba. It's one of the Side Dishes. There are others like rice, rice stick and vermicelli.

3rd Course: Mains
He got a Beef Set. (:

3rd Course: Mains
While I got a Fresh Pacific Ocean Platter.
There's different types of seafood in the large wooden boat. Basically there's some prawns, mussels, fish slices, crab sticks, a whole crab and veggies(:

4th Course: Soups
Clear Soup(:

5th Course: Beverage
Ice Plum Vinegar
Ice Plum Vinegar helps in digestion! I forgot to snap a photo of it.
It's a small glass though. With some crushed ice.

6th Course: Desserts

I got myself a Mango Fruit Sago(:

Thumbs up! :D
Thanks for the treat too!!(:

10th August 2009!

Out with the ladies to shop(:

Arrival at Dian Xiao Er for Dinner!

The Sambal Kangkong!
I hasn't been touching on rice lately. ahhaha!
I ate all these dishes only.:X

Sweet and Sour Chicken. And I drank 1 cup of Lime juice before that.

Their Specialty Dish, Duck. Thumbs up!

And the steamed fish.

I drank a cup of Zhong Guo Cha. It was like so bitter lar!
Ended up with Bitter, Sweet and Sour taste for the entire dinner.

** Do not drink hot tea right after you have drank a cup of Lime Juice.
It makes you go to the washroom.
LS. hahah!!
It's the truth. That's what happening to me this morning.
Nothing serious. Maybe it can help you lose a bit of weight from diarrhoea.
Oh dear, all photos of food. How am I going to be on diet!

Time to sleep!

Back to reality! Christal! :/
Sometimes, I thought.
I might as well go back to work.
Save the time of being at home getting nagged, scolded for no reason.
Just because siblings has done wrong and they are not home.
I will bear what they have done.
Unfair. Ridiculous.
Maybe stayout might be a good solution.
haiz. I should create another real personal blog.
nights to the world.

of falling in ♥ with you .
12:57 am

♥ Monday, August 10, 2009

Almost heard this song for months..
Till now, I've almost learnt how to sing.
Simply because my dad is practising his K at home.
Nice song(:


Brought my mum and sister to Din Tai Fung today.
Went shoppping for shoes!
In the end bought 2 heels! :X

Drove home after some shopping with mummy(:
Reached home and started house cleaning.
Rearranging the cupboards in my room.

Saw the pile of photo albums.
It's all filled with me!
ahahah! Old memories!
I use one finger to play the piano. SO CHO LO!

I cycle at home with my cousin in msia.

I play with my bolster.(:

I play with a bucket of water at the backyard of my grandpa's house!
What a childhoood!

Finally. (:
I got a big butt. ahahahahah!

On Diet Day 1 :D

Tonight is an emo night.
Mixed feelings.
I just cant straighten my thoughts.
It's like heaven and earth.
How great a distance.
At this point of time. I need a friend.

of falling in ♥ with you .
12:13 am